Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another "King's Challenge" Preview

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Word From the Author of "The King's Challenge"

Want to know what I was thinking while writing The King's Challenge?
Well... I wasn't really thinking at all when I first started. I originally started writing to practice my grammar and typing skills. I  wrote about action and adventurous circumstances that would "pop" into my head each day. After I had written nearly 20,000 words I thought I might have something and started writing with a purpose. After an additional year of writing and a grueling year of editing, the book final went on sale.

Without really knowing it, I based the three main characters on myself. I know that sounds strange and egotistical, but hear me out! The main character (named Matthew) seeks out aid, after a powerful dream persuades him to do so, by seeking out two magical folk (named Alban and Jacob). Each character has a different personality which fit like a glove when combined.  
  • Matthew is a young fellow who is just starting out in life. Not entirely sure what he wants to do with himself, he is open to suggestions and seeks council of those who are more knowledgeable than he.
  • Alban is a man who has mastered using steel and magic simultaneously, he tackles problems head on in a crude and direct manner.  
  • Jacob is someone who has studied magic and magic alone. Planning and contemplating his every move before he makes it. He handles his problems in a roundabout and cautious way, trying his best not to anger anyone.

How do I relate to the thee characters? 

My current standing is that of Mathew's. I am just starting out in life and not completely sure what I want to do. Like Matthew I have an idea, but I am open to suggestion and looking for guidance.
The character Alban is how I think of myself whenever I envision taking care of business or dealing with people. I think of myself as handling all situations just as Alban would.
However, from what I am told, I actually handle situations like Jacob. Contemplating outcomes for long periods of time, and taking great care not to offend others.

It wasn't till after I had a friend read my book that I came to this conclusion. I thought it was interesting and just had to share it with you.

Otherwise I hope you enjoy reading "The King's Challenge: A Quest for Eternal Life". 
And don't worry, I plan to finish the story in the sequel, just give me some time to relax and regain my sanity!

      Lucas Zahn
      Author of "The King's Challenge: A Quest for Eternal Life"